Travel Fun for Kids When you organize a trip with children must always take into account the needs of children. Many parents prefer to stay home clueless they do not know what to do with their children, who can not stand the hard days of sightseeing. You travel with children can be difficult, but if you plan ahead, you can organize a holiday as the kings of the house. In fact, some cities, usually big cities, which offer special programs for leisure, tourism and culture for children. Madrid is the case, where the most fun and educational activities will delight children and not so young ... The key to that small is a good time to keep them busy and above all, entertaining. What do you most like to children? For the world of fantasy, illusion and stories. And speaking of stories, the first stop we should do in the city of Madrid is in the house museum of the Tooth Fairy. "Tooth fairy lived in the Calle del Arenal number 8, in the basement of Charles Prast, opposite a big pile of cheese ...", Gruyre commemorative plaque there reads colococada. Now the children will write letters to his home and even send you mail your teeth, Why bring them in person? After this emotional visit and since the animal thing goes, the next trip could be up to the Zoo-Aquarium de Madrid. In its 20 hectares of land animals live in reproductions of their natural habitat. This zoo has a large Aquarium, which specializes in tropical marine life, a Dolphin, with capacity for 3,000 people, and a Bird, with the most exotic birds of prey.
Factory Automation Platform Based 1C: Enterprise 8 1C Enterprise 8 - a set of application solutions, covering the basic contours of management and accounting at a manufacturing company. Solution allows you to organize complex information system, relevant corporate, local and international standards and providing financial and economic activities of the enterprise. 1C Enterprise 8 is based on a number of mechanisms that define the concept of application solutions. The presence of these mechanisms allows the maximum to correlate with the technological capabilities of the business scheme of development and implementation of application solutions. Composition of the mechanisms applied 1C: Enterprise-oriented Automation of accounting and business management. In the 1C: Enterprise 8 implements a modern user interface design and increased comfort of the user experience when working with the system for a long time. Technology platform provides various options of application solutions: from a personal single-user to work across large workgroups and enterprises. The key point scalability is that productivity gains achieved by means of a platform and application solutions do not require further increases the number of concurrent users. 1C: Enterprise 8 is open system. Given the opportunity to integrate with almost any external programs and equipment on the basis of generally accepted open standards and protocols for data transfer. Mechanism of Web-services allows you to create Web-services in the configuration of 1C: Enterprise 8, and interact in the configuration of 1C: Enterprise 8 with Web services published by third party vendors. The system allows access rights to permit access users only the data they need to perform certain functions in the application solution. A developer can create sets of rights, relevant posts or user activity. Data exchange mechanism implemented in the technology platform 1C: Enterprise 8, allow the creation of geographically distributed information systems both on the basis of information databases 1C: Enterprise 8, and with...

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