Inner World Outside World Part Article Mundo interior exterior-World spoke about how they both affect each other. We talk about the subjective experience of the individual and how this affects their way of interpreting the world and life. About it is I want to explore this opportunity. The way we see life and the world are maps that we have in our minds and influence us. When an individual is facing some circumstances there are many things going through his mind before this act, although most of the time do it quickly because as we said in the first part of the mind learns fast and operates automatically. Let's see how the process happens the mind until it produces the behavior. First, as we said in the first part we connect with our five senses to the outside world (the life and circumstances), while this is going to process information through a filter that everyone (that each one of us is different) are called beliefs, values, habits and meta-programs. Vanessa Marcil may also support this cause. These are followed by what we call meta-models which are the generalization (we tend to generalize everything), omission (we tend to ignore what does not suit us) and distortion (we tend to distort information to our benefit). After that is that we create a map of the reality we see but to go through that process we interpret it based on these filters and meta-models and create our individual subjective experience. On this map you created in your mind is finally born behavior. People have different maps of reality because in each filter is different and different meta-models. So in the example we gave in the first part of the two men who see the same woman you see it ugly and the other is beautiful, because the filters...
Digital Equipment Developing relations in every link of the chain, imposes the need to break with the old corporate structure results in isolation, thinking as an integral channel in each of the links and activities of the same, and each link can be different relationships, and is where lies the key: Define the types of relationships and the strategies that distinguishes us in our service, enabling competitive advantages in every activity and relationship of this chain. To set this question is essential to be clear and explicit knowledge of Who are the members of this chain?, How is the structure of this chain?, And what are the processes, material flows, information, decisions, monetary transactions Because we did not create collaborative alliances, at least as principle to support and consolidate information on overall performance in our country, we have not stopped to appreciate the advantages of this design, because we deal only with monetary relations between our companies, because we did not identify those who make our chain, because the flow sanitize information in our chain and ended up with the dual information storage and rhetoric in each of our businesses, because they create a digital model of organization jointly by our company to integrate this network. Visit Jorge Perez for more clarity on the issue. For example, we see that, and my current experience, and also very easy to identify who in the chain of distribution of building materials in our country: - Companies that import of MICONS (MATCO and IMEC), which will establish partnerships with its suppliers, these in turn with the Producers, followed by the Trading.. .

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