SSE AFS Line The recently published version of the AFS job brings some new features. The SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG presents the AFS job in 2009 in addition to many other software releases from the AFS line //SSE 2009 V10. This article deals with the new functions of the AFS job 2009 V10. New features of the AFS job 2009 V10 Overview: route planning: now the user finds a route planner in the Adressbearbeitung of him button calculates the route and distance to the customer (Internet connection required). The user can easily calculate the route to the customer, insert intermediate and on request it can also calculated the way back. Even complete tours can be scheduled. This requires the contact management (CRM module). Choose the tour participants (E.g., address groups (tour 1-x)) about selections, noted the directions order or the desired arrival times in an additional field and appropriately sorted passes this list to the route planner. GEO analysis: with the To get an impression of where the customers are and in which regions you earn the most revenue and still not achieve geo-analysis capabilities. The analysis works in various stages: all over the world, throughout Europe, German-speaking area, Germany and various radius around the headquarters to the local analysis of the city. The spatial analysis provides an automatic clustering. This means that closely spaced points are automatically compressed and totals shown. Zooms in the map view, the clustered points again be divided into smaller units, so that always the best overview is maintained. Revenue sizes, address and contact numbers are automatically by different icon sizes to view brought: A large turnover is represented by a large icon; a small sales according to with a small icon. The values for the icon sizes are determined automatically from the data provided....
Horizontal Glasses As in other kinds of stereoscopy to create the illusion of three-dimensional images using special glasses, one of the glasses in which obscured. Since the effect depends on the Pulfrich movement a certain direction in order to provoke the illusion of depth, it is not useful as a general stereoscopic technique. For example, it can not be used for viewing a stationary object is moving to screen or the screen, and similarly, objects moving vertically will not seem to vary the depth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boxer offers on the topic.. Also this method is not suitable for viewing stereo photographs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez brings even more insight to the discussion. One of the advantages of the material produced for obtain the effect Pulfrich is that it is fully compatible with "regular" viewing without the need for "special" glasses. That is, if you view the film in the special 3D glasses, then someone without these points may in parallel with you to watch the same movie - but in the usual "flat" format. Films made by Pulfrich effect can also be viewed in any player. Stereo pair. Distinguish horizontal and vertical stereo pair. Horizontal, in turn, are divided into paralellnye and cross. Stereopairs horizontal (Side-by-Side). In this format, recording two images are close to horizontal. When viewing a need for special glasses (stereo). It shifts the two flat images (each as would be created for your eyes) into a single volume in the center. In the absence of a stereoscope film shot in stereoscopic format Horizontal can be viewed in Special stereopleerah (Stereoscopic Player, Stereo Movie Player, iZ3D Movie Player Classic), selecting the output format for stereo glasses (anaglyph or shutter).

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