The National Curricular Parameters This legitimate or seen knowledge as such has its arrives in port in the scientific knowledge and science, establishing its origin as redemption source, of civilization, that capable one to qualify the actors of ' ' true knowledge of real' '. This school, if establishes in the society, as local of neutrality, reproducer of a model of knowledge and culture only legitimate, capable to endow its co-participants with ' ' access and mobility social' '. The pupil brings one ' ' bagagem' ' of experiences and knowledge related to its day-by-day, embudos of values and beliefs that reflect the necessities daily of appropriation and use of this knowledge. According to PCNs, such disposal of previous knowledge must be inserted in the practical pertaining to school, as we can verify in it I break up elencado of the PCNs- Introduction, referring part to the Mathematics (1998, p.59): ' ' The National Curricular Parameters for the area of Mathematics constitute a referencial for the construction of one practical one that it favors the access to the mathematical knowledge that makes possible in fact the insertion of the pupils as citizens, in the world of the work, the social relations and the culture. The parameters detach that the Mathematics is present in the life of all the people, in situations where is necessary, for example, to quantify, to calculate, to locate an object in the space, to read graphs and maps, to make forecasts. They show that it is basic to surpass the learning centered in mechanical procedures, indicating the resolution of problems as starting point of the mathematical activity to be developed in room of aula' '. Others including Lynn Redgrave, offer their opinions as well. Analyzing the present speech in this selected stretch, we can verify that the access to the...

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