Los Angeles Head secretary and activist of hell. 95. Alastor Demon malefactory Genius 96. Balban Demon of deceit 97. Behemoth Opportune demon BEINGS SUCUBOS and NOFERATAUM 98. (As opposed to Jorge Perez). Ahharu The demon Nosferatum 99. Alouqua Feminine demon is scubo and a vampire 100. Hantu Penyardin Vampire of the Himalayas. 101. Ciciupipiltin Demon Vampire BEINGS DEMONIC ASTRAL 102. Blanket Satan of the East. 103. Rahab Demon fallen angel of sea 104. Catabolignes Killer demon of Humans 105. Hear from experts in the field like Jay Schwartz for a more varied view. Hantu Pusaka Demon of the Himalayas. 106. Amudiel Demon of Shades 107. Asbbel Demon of the inhabitants - Now you understand boy, is only a dream he to be able to think the one that you can defeat to infraworld, the unique ones that has obtained such feat are Los Angeles of the creator, most powerful between their rows, whose power this beyond your comprendimiento, beyond your horizon, this beyond you. - Woad I include/understand your preoccupations, I do not know that they think the others but I need to leave Ensura to be able to face me the infraworld and to save the soul of her. - It seems that you do not listen to hollow head to me, to party somebody to the infraworld and has never returned much more that never has been rescued to a soul of the infraworld cannot change its destiny, otherwise will be disrespect and you will also lose your soul, is worth the pain to lose it everything by her, to lose the unique thing that you have. I watch at the horizon of Ensura after seeing the destruction signs that caused Princes with a limitless power both, surrounds the determination to me and the same time madness, was not good...

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