A story Candela was an intelligent girl of unusual beauty. Like anyone, she knew what she was feeling drunk, drunk, hungry for experience, his desire to devour life, led him to seek his desires which were, knew the world offered him great things, beautiful moments, situations and was not happy willing to lose. His career as a young lawyer from a prestigious law firm was promising, had worked hard to get what was and was not willing to have nothing, no one will snatch him. During a wonderful evening hosted by the Marquis of Sotoviejo in the gardens of his palace Balearic Candela tried the delicious fumes of a select whiskey of Malta reserves 18 years, this golden liquid is introduced into your body in proportion to their extroversion. Hear from experts in the field like Jay Schwartz for a more varied view. He told extravagant tales of college, laughed, listened with interest the accounts of the other guests, was undoubtedly the soul of the party, everyone wanted to be with her, without hesitation, that glass of liquor had made him feel good, what he did feel good to others. One day, the most handsome man anyone could imagine, he asked her out, she took two or three glasses of a delicious French Champagne, and was charming, he was energetic, self-confident, seductive, attractive, intelligent, insightful young , beautiful, no doubt had some magic potion that had turned into something that their invincibility, a free spirit and powerful I could get everything you wanted to. It was that day when he realized where he was to seek her future, should often look at the bottom of a glass, I would say that steps should be followed, of course, life could not be better, everything was going smoothly. . For more information see Vanessa...

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