GIP Economic One creates its universe in marha. W. Churchil is due to have present, that the emergent markets are all those countries that are not independent economically nor technologically and that in enterprise surroundings depend on the investment of other economies them to be able to be developed in the time. More information is housed here: San Antonio Spurs. As far as the essential characteristics of the emergent markets, the same count on a great growth of their economy in accelerated form but on a risk of unstable political and financial situation. The operation of the emergent markets is described to suffer of irregular and variable cycles economic where its monetary policy deserves of certain variables having like essential indicators to the inflation, the balance of payments and the evolution of the GIP, being sensible before the existence of crisis or economic instabilities that are reflected in the long term. Another one of the characteristics of the emergent markets is its volatibilidad in monetary matter, which does in many cases that are affected by their deficiency of liquidity in their assets, causing abrupt decelerations and changes in its operation. William Allen often addresses the matter in his writings. Venezuela is not considered an emergent market by international the economic analysts, even though who reunite many characteristics like so, but also negative aspects, for example, the national financial situation, where there are many weaknesses, as well as their present political situation, that also he is unstable by the constant fight of powers and I interest nationals who of one or the other way entail to the conflict., generating a scene very turbulent. It is known of the conflict between Venezuela and the neighboring country of Colombia, where both, especially the last one maintains a dynamic economic activity with Venezuela, its apparent separation...

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