The Advice Collect systematically positive testimonials and success stories: writing and also via video. Then make it to the Web. If a Spitzenleister is, then it is but probably most credible, if this not by the company itself is claimed, but witnessed by enthusiastic customers. Read more from Adam Sandler to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In addition can be instead of its own performance figures shown the economic success curve such clients has long been cooperating with your. And what raises then the reader? A the will I also have reflex'. Sales presentations look we now passing in the sales! He is self centered or customer in love? How are you imagine, for example, when the customer? In most sales presentation going on this page: we are we have we can offer we! In other words: I'm telling you now, how great we are. Finally on the last page: the logo cemetery with the existing customer relationships. So you learn then: the customer concludes. This he would do are currently in sale in the first place. The customer - and not their own company - is the hero. Therefore: Fit the customer's face time in your next presentation. The success will be probably a resounding. It looks often particularly boring in written offers: product advantages instead of solutions, letters and numbers salad, listenhafte lists, Loveless abbreviations, subtotal, total. Dull, boring, interchangeable. No emotions, no pictures, no one far and wide, which says how great it is to be in this company customer. So a look at decides the price! So starting tomorrow: let customers enthusiastic about the benefits of cooperation. Because who buys today, consumed or invested, rather trust the advice of trusted clients as the glossy brochures of the service providers on the market. A customer-focused mission...
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