Wolters Kluwer Financial The software AltersvorsorgePLANER of maklercockpit.de helps insurance and financial brokers at their customer service Mannheim, May 11, 2010. "According to a recent poll, 53 percent of Germans can less well" or not good at all "estimate, how much money is after the exit from the labour market available. (1) who want to protect themselves, offer insurance and financial advisors professional support in the planning of private and occupational retirement provision. If you look behind the scenes of Riester-rente and alternative offers, it is important to guarantee its customers the highest possible transparency for insurance and financial broker. Makes sense to plan whose pension together with the customer, he should present so understandable his offers and schemes. The online financial portal maklercockpit.de from Wolters Kluwer Germany provides consultants, now the AltersvorsorgePLANER available. The software is independent of individual financial products and providers. As a result it creates for the broker best chances of success by a maximum legal certainty in the advice. The professional consulting software helps financial and insurance brokers, inform the customer in a clear way. Also, the program can be easily use as a guide for the consultation. Advisors can spot in the conversation with the customer create so their retirement concepts, easily and individually, and customize. Operation and development of the AltersvorsorgePLANERs are specifically tailored to practical use. The software is based on the typical flow of a customer call. In seven planning steps it leads clearly by the advice. At the same time, the consultant can document the conversation with the program according to the provisions of the law on intermediary. In addition, the software on the basis of the existing assets checks the exact future pension needs. The variety of illustrative graphics facilitates the operation of the AltersvorsorgePLANERs and thus the consultation. The AltersvorsorgePLANER of...

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