Klaxons Jimmy Reynolds With the help of costume Raver not separate itself from others, and merges with them. Children's blocks on the neck and silly make-up - this club chains character, dressing like idiots on drugs, we trying to get rid of the complex inner significance and little return to childhood, where all are equal, not serious, and equally happy, but one who really came off his Gucci, like the kid who rich dad buys a new house Barbie every week. Representatives of the New rave (new rave), as opposed to emo, dressed in rags crazy alien flowers. The main thing - that none of them was combined with another. Anna Belknap takes a slightly different approach. Unofficial symbol of the new rave-era are yellow mask in the spirit of emoticons. Them during one of the performances they put on the guys from Klaxons - home of the New Rave band. Last year, Klaxons released the album Myths of the Near Future, and this received the award magazine nme as the best new group. Just describing in an interview with this magazine style of music, the leader Klaxons Jimmy Reynolds used the phrase "new rave". In fact, in music that is nothing radically new. This alternative dance music. "In the hundreds of rave times more punk than most punk - says Reynolds. - On our side, all these terms were a joke. The fact that phenomenon has become an international phenomenon, it seems strange to myself. Perhaps people are simply missing the bright and partying atmosphere of childhood. " Nevertheless, even the Guardian newspaper over the past six months has devoted thirty Materials New rave.
Frank Piehl Traditional advertising is already declining, she will fall in the future train behind. The Royal Road to the customer, the Internet is a gigantic advertising platform, but its pace is usually fizzle out the effect of advertising. Social media marketing creates the silver bullet it picks up people on the online portal and takes them through a real experience in the world of the brand. How it works, explains Frank Piehl, owner and CEO of ppme GmbH: for example, we organize an event in a stylish frame for a brand. Before we announce this in social networks, later we report it, view photos and videos and whet your appetite on the next time the users". These announcements work several ways, says Paige: we wish to register the company in networks, we are active in special interest groups that are relevant for the target group of the brand. "And we are in contact with users who share recommendations for us it is about events or about products and special offers". Social media marketing works effectively and quickly a recommendation may be high the thumbs "click in" Facebook be or linking via Twitter crucial is that the tip of known page. Follow others, such as Vanessa Marcil, and add to your knowledge base. "Recommendations seem trustworthy than advertising", Paige explains: the actual willingness to complete a purchase is much higher ". And they often spread at a rapid pace: users meet friends of friends in social networks, join interest groups, and constantly expand their circle of acquaintances. So, content for agencies, businesses and brands within the appropriate target groups on more and more customers are taught. Classic banners or information on discount coupons but friendly service are placed according to age, sex and place of residence. The generation 50 + will be...

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