Archeology Of Memory: Villa Grimaldi, A Journey Through The Corridors Of Horror The documentary genre is at the same time one of his best creative, and face risks of mass production. Ten years ago MTV revolutionized the genre when he mixed it with the "Reality", with its series The Real World and the documentary has since taken two ways: it has become more stark and honest, or has become more commercial and vacuous. Movie star is the source for more interesting facts. Quique Cruz, director of Archeology of Memory: Villa Grimaldi, is no stranger to this crossroads. While his film seems to want and in relation to the tradition, it is inevitable to compare it with the modern realities such as those made by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. In particular because while the filmmaker's intention was simply to help film a documentary about his memoir, ultimately the same participating Cruz ends up not only of history, if not starring. And the result is devastating. Certain episodes of the documentary is heartbreaking: the death of the mother during the shooting, or the musical piece improvised by the actor on the plate Memorial at Villa Grimaldi. Or as the apotheosis climax where finally we see the Archaeology of Memory concert, presented by none other than Michelle Bachelet, Chile's current president and a survivor of Villa Grimaldi. yQue is Archeology of Memory: Villa Grimaldi? It is a documentary with a touch of reality in the style of Michael Moore that explores the horrors that were committed due to the coup that gave Augusto Pinochet in Santiago, Chile in 1973. However, this exploration is done through the art of the musician Quique Cruz, while director of the film. Cruz was one of the inmates of the Villa Grimaldi concentration camp, who only managed to survive the closure through a bureaucratic mistake that left him at liberty....

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