OF AUGUST OF Quixote Parecile by those days, that Cervantes that was turned more in misfortunes than in verses, deserved to remove to light the feats from so noble horseman. Without a doubt it was obligation of which it will walk in the same steps, and that osas to speak very precise of the lack of judgment that accompanied Don Quixote, who walked very right in misfortunes and bad events. VALLADOLID OF 14 OF AUGUST OF 1604 OF POETS I DO NOT SAY: GOOD CENTURY IS THIS ONE MANY ARE IN BLOSSOMING FOR NEXT YEAR, BUT NO HAS AS BAD AS CERVANTES NOR SO FOOLISH THAT BLADE TO DON QUIXOTE LOPE OF FERTILE VALLEY After to have heard entertainment notifies, would want to be discreet and prudent in all the words. Parceme, that of knowing Cid Hamete Benengeli, who was the crazy person, was not goodly ventured to tell to entertainment history. Cervantes I fall in love with moans and worries; details that let save the heart and that surely ran into with their pen. It says the history that as well as Don Quixote of La Mancha lost the judgment by so strange I generate of madness, was for his happiness another valiant andante that would free its madnesses to defend to which her lady believed. Reason why I have been able to remember, this happened in a sale that to Don Quixote seemed to him castle and that it remained there, to extreme contentment, because it did not bother to him to accompany two young women who to him seemed to him two beautiful maids, that they sighed with lucks counted, and that moaned and cried with the misfortunes.
Dance Celebration Celebration dresses without a doubt will make more beautiful. Considering that what you are using you perfectly complement with the body. If you are high, with shoulders proportional to the hip, you would do or inside a cover, a line, of she cuts empire of clothes, or suit of dance. To choose the dress empire if small-they are broken. It is going to produce the sensation of a fuller bust. If it is wanted to produce an appearance of sand clock, to choose a dress with details in all the waist. It is going to give a definition of his waist. If you are very gawky and want to see more plenty, clothes of celebration with skirts or dresses of ball a line could have the wished effect, especially if to you it likes hide-and-seek the very thin legs and small hips. Definitively, you can be the queen of the celebration if to reach the total of the correct appearance of dance. Dresses at night with the landlords also aid to the duration of pause. That without a doubt it will cause that stands out. When you are in the creation of a declaration by means of his dress, to prove models and colors. Dresses of tube you see brilliant in a long and thin body. They put of relief the duration it will make and it seem elegant. In case is a little small in the leg and to go with or going with an asymmetric backstitch that allows him to seem higher. Dresses until the floor and skirts have a tendency to surround their body. Delicate feminine dresses go well with your type of body. If you have a figure of sand clock she considrese blessed! You have proportionate a good figure, naturally, which means that you do...

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