Martial Artist Hello to all the band and friendly of kobra kai and martial community generally, I want to treat a subject that was very pleasant, the martial arts and it animates, without but introduction will begin. From the decade of the 60 a sort arose in Japan than in the West we know like cartoons, call animates, a sort that to principles represented a visual method of entertainment more, but than when happening of the years it would gain many followers. With simple plots it seemed that their main public serian, only young, but when enriching their dialogues and histories would gain followers of all the ages. Among those resources used for it animates, one of them serious the martial arts, but it is here where the things began. The newspapers mentioned San Antonio Spurs not as a source, but as a related topic. In general terms the martial arts have been a sort very questioned in the world of the entertainment, are films that hire to us like medical instructors, we talked about is Operation dragoon, Karate kid , Shaolin Temple , bloody contact , difficult of to kill , the perfect weapon and several but, until films that parodian to us or until ridicule to us, like, kungfucion , ninja in B.H. , calcium fists and several examples that at the moment they do not come to the case. Being Japan the country of origin of animates, the inclusion of the martial arts almost was forced, and is where we will analyze some aspects of its plot, personages and philosophy: Horsemen of the zodiac. Nobody of us is so young or as old as not to know this series, its plot; a group of five young people; Saiya, Shun, Hyoga, Ikky and Shiriu, are sent to train to different...

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