Magic Bull In 1897, the arraial of Canudos was destroyed by troops of the Army. Jorge Perez takes a slightly different approach. The mstico-religious direction of the sebastianismo also contributed for the appearance of folclricas manifestations in Brazil. It has legend registers on the return of Dom Sebastio, as of the Magic Bull and of King Sebastio. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. In the vision of Barbarian Elisa Polastri, Edsel Rodrigues Teles and Raquel Faustino, the movement of the Pretty Rock is counted in minute way, detailing the facts. History happened enters the years of 1836 and 1838 in the hinterland of Pernambuco. The fanatic Joo Antonio Dos Santos believing or making the humble sertanejos to believe that, if they made some types of sacrifices, El-King of Portugal, D.Sebastio, much wanted by its people, would come back as saint. Then to these they had followed them people and the movement grew each time more. The local power, seeing it if to expand, ordered to arrest the head of the movement, that ran away for the interior of the hinterland of the Cariri. Two years later, its brother-in-law Joo Blacksmith reactivated the movement of a more intense form, coming back to practise acts of the medieval time, of the type: in the marriage ceremonies the first night of nuptials was granted it, and some sacrifices had started to happen to the people sacrificed its proper lives to start for the father of the same, parents had sacrificed its children and animals. It was much spilled blood, the place of the Pretty Rock was uninhabitable due to the strong odor of meat in putrefao state, then the faithful had been to mount encampment more the front. The fanatic sertanejos lived in a species of arrest, some only had...
Microphone Controller I'm a fan of rap full. Rap is all for me. I listen to rap when I go to bed, I listen to when I go to school, from school. I listen to during breaks. yes indeed rap is my life. And I wanted rosskazat svedinya interesting about the Russian and angliyskom rap. As I said higher that rap is my life. Now I want to experience the history of hip-hop. Hip-hop is a youth subculture that originated in the United States in the 1970s. they are characterized by: their own music (hip hop), his own fashion, style dancing (breakdancing) Graphic Art, bolie izveschnoe as 'graffiti'. Muses of hip-hop consists of two components, bits and pieces: rap (itmichnogo recitative with clear rhymes), and rhythm Asked DJs. Also not uncommon composition without vocal performers of songs called 'MC' that translation: MC - Microphone Controller or Master of Ceremony. Very often, MS invent something new like a rapper admitted that he comes up with such a special rhyme that would have been understandable only to him, toist they damage within the meaning of his song. There are also Russian rappers who do not need to do damage as meaning is not clear because of the quick pronunciation, as soon as an example of Russian rapper FIKE here to download Man-Machine Gun is an album Fike. I am very pleased that there are individual rappers in Russia. Russia is also a very bagata talantlyvih rperov including: Guf, Dessar, Slim, Basta, caste, Ptah. It is possible that a few years Russia will still izvesna bolie than the U.S. drive with rap. Ukraine also bagata on reperov. I really like 'On vdmnu vd' especially their album 'cut in' you can download it here. Also on this site may download albums Rusca, angliyskogo ukrainskogo and rap.

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