Berlin Film Festival Film Festival in Germany's Metropolis have your hotel in Mitte Berlin for the February 2011 reserved? No? Then it is time as soon as possible, because in February, the event takes place the Festival. All movie eyes will be focused on Berlin once again, because the International Film Festival in Germany's capital, Berlin Film Festival, achieve in her 61st year. February 10 - 20, a unique and comprehensive program awaits the participants once again. Click Tony Parker to learn more. The Cannes Film Festival in Germany's capital city are also the most famous event for the international film industry, the number of tickets sold and admissions, not only one of the biggest events for the city. Also in 2011, more than 19,000 film professionals from 128 countries are accepted.A very awaited Festival in the Berlinale is also in 2011 once again Berlinale Talent Campus be. Take part in which young talents from the film sector offers opportunity and can discuss with film professionals. Young talents to support, restore it so the new generation of our film industry. The awards for the most compelling films is carried out through the award of the Golden and silver bears. The participating films will be awarded through a global Jurore. There are about 400 movies per genre to choose. Allenutzlichen information material regarding the found of the Berlinale, to the side berlinale.de. The history of the Berlinale, the program for the coming year, the various divisions, offers, the examine for movie lovers who want to participate at the Berlin Film Festival with her film and lots of other interesting info can be seen there. The program of the next Berlinale will be published a week before the event probability and the advance ticket sales usually starts three days prior to the beginning of the...
Power Amplifiers Without exaggeration, power amplifiers, in my own way engineers and sound engineers were called the 'blocks' - one of the most critical links in the whole amplification path, whether it's touring package, permanent installation in a trendy nightclub or laden work 12 hours a day rehearsal. The author related to 'block' experiences in the distant '80s, when the Ukraine for scoring activities Olympics-80 received its first concert equipment with the 'alien' West. It was the West German equipment company Dynacord. Supporting its more than 60 years of tradition amplifier design techniques, the Frankfurt exhibition company Dynacord released three new series power amplifiers, including use for touring, which is characterized by extreme conditions. This flagship series PowerH, mid-range LX, and the budgetary strategy in the CL of its activities closely Dynacord interacts with the world-famous Pro-audio, such as Electro-Voice. These companies have long-standing relationship - are the company's subsidiaries. Electro-Voice and Dynacord are and OEM-partners: in most speaker systems Dynacord using dynamic head of production Electro-Voice, while amplifiers for EV designs and manufactures Dynacord. This, combined with German quality, allows you to produce high-tech product Dynacord defining standards Industry amplification. Why class 'H' requirements for modern power amplifiers (SSPA) is sometimes contradictory and often beyond the reasonable standards of operation: the power amplifier has produce extremely high power in a few thousand watts, a low weight (as of today this value corresponds to 10 ... 15 kg), excellent sonic performance, absolute reliability, remote monitoring and management, ability to work in the audio network, etc.

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