Best Friend Beliefs Money by itself does not constitute any source of corruption of evils or much less. The money is only money.They are fingerprints in your mind, beliefs around what determines how perceive you. Looking for it not because you seek the money itself, but by how you think you will feel when you get, when you purchase everything that lets you acquire. That's what the human being seeks. Swarmed by offers, Adam Sandler is currently assessing future choices. Search for experiences. Not seeks to repay debt per is, but seeks to feel relieved to remove a debt, does not look for a million dollars, but seeks the sense of security that experiences when you have it, does not seek to earn more just because Yes, but you are looking for the feeling of growth; on the opposite side when traces of greed have seeks money not by having more, but by the sense of power and control over others that is experienced. Money allows you to do things that you could not acquire him. You can not buy a pound of entertainment, but you can buy something that entertains you. You are looking for the experience. Traditionally it has taught that it is wrong to say we like the money, is taken as someone who says so materialistic and greedy. And as I mentioned many times before, your beliefs create your reality, so how you can get and enjoy something that you say you don't like. While you say that you want it, your belief always wins, and then find ways to get rid of him, or to make you difficult to achieve this. Make money your best friend, wanting him to present in your life and have ambition is very valid when playing to win - win. When you are...

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