Small Apartments The majority of our citizens live in small apartments. And want to see the apartment was spacious, nice, cozy. Believe me, the beauty and comfort of the apartment is completely independent of its size. And if the lady has taste, desire, you can turn your apartment into a cozy nest in which members of the household in a hurry. To know more about this subject visit Pop star. Life in the city, especially in the big city, subject to all sorts of stress, you only leave his apartment. Stress on the road, transport, on work-all this leads rather go to a quiet, comfortable, familiar surroundings of his apartment. And the only woman of the house can create and maintain a comfortable and cozy apartments. Robbie Lawler is actively involved in the matter. We have small apartments, and we are using redevelopment are trying to do it anymore. In my apartment balcony in the kitchen and the room. When repairs I put a balcony, raised glazed with removal of the sill, balcony, connected to the room is equipped with an office, put kompyutorny table, shelves for books, fax and I get a great work area. Lamps and desk chair complete the interior working area. If the room is crowded with bulky furniture, then visually area will become even smaller. Therefore, the very first rule, do not make the room extra things. Ceilings, we can not do the above, but create the illusion of using the lighting - it is in our power. It would be appropriate to small flat chandelier and a variety of lamps, which give the room more cozy and intimate atmosphere.
Measurable Quality Of Service Business intelligence in the call center: Voxtron informed about opportunities and potentials Awls, 17.01.2012. Companies that want to bind their customers long term itself, must always keep in mind the quality of their service and improve quickly if necessary. Help so-called business intelligence tools that evaluate specific figures and provide information about the performance of the company. On the call center world 2012 Convention, the Voxtron software vendors shows how business intelligence (BI) can be harnessed for the contact center industry. Together with its system partners IP dynamics and Telefonbau Schneider Voxtron the opportunity to become the international leading trade fair for call center management in Berlin extensively about potential and workings are interested companies from February 28 until March 1, 2012 from BI in the call center environment to inform. Business intelligence is a useful tool to analyze communication processes in the call-center operation, exposing the hidden costs and thus the basis for decisions in the interest of the corporate strategy place", said Marc Schneider, Managing Director of phone Schneider GmbH. To gather the appropriate tools key figures from statistical reports of individual systems and put them in relationship to each other: who communicates with whom, why, how long and what economic benefits? How long is the average wait time in the call center and how many calls are lost before they can be answered? These and other data be processed visually and give a clear overview to the management as it is ordered to the its call center service quality. In the Voxtron communication center, the contact center software from Voxtron, a business intelligence function is already integrated, so that the details of the call, contact or service center with little effort and if necessary also with anonymized personal data can be evaluated. Before but a business intelligence...

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