Swiss Riding Culture Entitled "Link alternative Center remains thanks to clever campaign the autonomous cultural and meeting center get riding school" in Bern itself for the fifth time against the impending sale fought. Because the Centre and its link political members are a thorn in the side parts of the Bernese City Council, there was now a new vote on the future of building and grounds of the former riding Hall. The portal for Web auctions auvito.de reported about the creative use of the proponents of the riding school. Supporters of the school had invited also the politically little else interested to vote with music performances and a special idea: letter vote specifically special postage stamps were produced that didn't miss their effect. With a final score of 68.4 percent against that of the young SVP of targeted initiative closure and sale of the riding school to the highest bidder"decided the city Berne to once again for the continued existence of the school as a cultural centre and in this particular case against the construction of a shopping centre or a swimming pool on the terrain. "The slogan of prize: 1 x no" this explicitly aimed at a sale of the cultural site, which is known mainly for their concerts in the Bern region. "That the Hall", as it is called by the Bernese youth, should be also source left violence, is the opinion of the young SVP politician Erich Hess. Response on his initiative to close down the Turkish-born comedian Muslum dedicated a song him promptly. The musical supporters of the riding school within a short time conquered the YouTube fan base with Erich, why you bisch nid honestly". The decision on the riding school well beyond the city limits has therefore become, to the topic of conversation.
Youth Committee Dance No, because I, his hands doing nothing. Create all had secret, no one devoting their plans, because the opinions of my friends could just stop and knock me to the collision. Invited them to watch only when everything was already done. In the end, everyone is so pleased that now, coming here, I see that nothing in principle does not change, just added some details. Were there any obstacles? Of course! And it is not enough. First, it was a lot of legwork, paperwork, various approvals. Happened or I'm not so suited to solving a particular issue, or people are not always immediately accepted my ideas. It helped that we spent a lot of events and parties, so that we connected and Youth Committee, and the administration of nightclubs, where they spent Festivals - all created ads to our club. Any company or business - is 99% of people who work there. Who works in the "Favorite" and who are your customers? We never rely solely on children. First, we tried prepare couples for competitions, but soon realized that it might drag us into the intrigues that are constantly weaving dance festival organizers. I was disgusted, and I came away from this, as far as possible. We began to build alternative activities for people where they do not have competed with each other, but simply could dance. People such as real-estate developer would likely agree. For us to go to different people: different in age, interests, and with different goals. This is because we have so many directions, and we are not afraid to experiment and discover new ones.

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