The Telematics If it is between 1 and 5 workers, credit available for this year is always 420. If the average workforce is higher than 6 workers (incl.) we must then look at what we have quoted the previous year. We will take the gross salary mass and multiply it by 0.07 per cent, this number is an approximation of what you've quoted by training. For more specific information, check out Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Now we return to the Media template and will consider if this is 6 to 9 workers, we will have 100% of the previous amount, if is 10 to 49 workers, 75%, if it is from 50 to 249 60% and if has more than 250 employees is 50%. Another way to learn about available credit, is by using the application telematics that the tripartite Foundation on your website through a credit Simulator puts at our disposal. How to perform tete formative actions? Training actions, can reclaim in two ways, from the company itself, accessing the telematics application of the Foundation tripartite, can carry out the bonuses of all courses within our company, always knowing in advance, the quantities that we can reclaim each course and how we should do it. On the other hand, we can have the outsourced service, through any company accredited by the tripartite Foundation as organiser. Alternatively, the own training centre, where we do the course, can be accredited by the tripartite Foundation as organiser to deal with bonuses and this can be carried out, as it is our case. All of our courses and master, can be made using the credit to the formation of the tripartite Foundation, so that all those companies that have sufficient credit, may recover the entire amount of the course master performing. Do you want more information...

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