La Laguna Botanical Garden His tour is a unique experience that is why today I want to guide you through these lines. One of the places most lovely and admirable of El Salvador is without a doubt the La Laguna Botanical Garden, its location is very curious, found at the bottom of a crater, where centuries earlier was a lagoon, hence derives part of its name, it is a beautiful oasis in the midst of an extensive area of industry, to the South of Antiguo Cuscatlan, la Libertad. Its natural beauty consists of 60 apples, these only 4.5 are aimed at visitors, dominate its extensive forested area in permanent protection. Its 3,500 species of plants, domestic and foreign, are distributed in 32 areas with varied collections: orchids, ferns, plants of the desert, medicinal plants, bromeliads, home garden, and native vegetation in the surrounding area. The garden is full of tranquility and magic tour surprises, between the singing of birds, butterflies flit, the pleasant sound of a small waterfall coming in their forest, ingenious decoration of its different collections, and a beautiful pond with fish and aquatic plants. Also has area of children's entertainment, a herbarium destined to the constant study of plant collections, a library with personalized attention, with documentation on themes of ecology, gardening, among others. An extensive nursery is located at one of its sides open to the public for trade in plants. This tourist destination is visited by thousands of students, local and foreign tourists every year, if you have not yet enjoyed this paradise on Earth, we invite you to this magical experience. Remember that El Salvador is an excellent destination for your next vacation and to know more visit until a next trip to El Salvador.
Cayman Islands Cruise After working long periods in which they give great dedication to the workplace, people deserve to be rewarded with a dream vacation where you can replace all the energy and effort in the season provided labor for which the ideal is to have all the luxuries that you always have dreamed of being able to provide great comfort and tranquility in a place where everything is made available for the vacation time is largely a relaxing and entertaining. One of the best options to make the holiday a wonderful thing, is to take a cruise around the Caribbean, since these places no doubt represents a holiday with all the luxuries dream, where you will meet several wonderful places in the course the trip, enjoy activities that represent a great entertainment, plus all the conditions will be of comfort to be as relaxed as possible during the spectacular journey through the Caribbean. A journey through a Caribbean cruise meant one of the greatest pleasures a person can give in his life, since they enjoy the beauty offered by the Caribbean Sea and the different places that are distributed in the course of this spectacular trip, which allows for visiting many places of dreams, Thanks to their living conditions, climates and environments that accompany them are really tropical paradise and all in a single cruise in the Caribbean, where the company and guidance of the cruise staff can be made more rewarding activities, making fully enjoy one of the most spectacular experiences in the life of a person, through all services that includes a cruise through the Caribbean. On the trip through a Caribbean cruise, they visited a lot of islands in the Caribbean, and each stop on the Caribbean cruises are the light of a tropical culture where the primary is...

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